AtlasPROfilax & NeuroKinetics

Testimonials and "before and after"


Chronic back pain

Since the age of 13 I have had chronic back pain. Most days I would have rated my pain a 7 or 8 out of 10.

Since early teens I have tried numerous therapies ranging from chiropractics to Bowen therapy as well as many others. Unfortunately none of these therapies would give me more than a few weeks pain relief.

As well as pack pain I was struggling with walking due to hip dysplasia. Due to this pain I was on the verge of getting a walking stick. I also had issues with the vision in my right eye cause by optic neuritis. As well as issues eating due to my jaw being out of alignment.

When I heard about AtlasPROfilax treatment I was eager to try it. The Atlas treatment was very quick and almost instantly after treatment I could feel that my jaw was finally aligned, with my top teeth matching my bottom teeth. I could also feel the difference in my posture immediately.

I followed the atlas treatment up with four neurokinetic treatments, within  the months following these treatments I have noticed improvement in my right hip no longer feeling as though I might need a walking aid, digestion, posture and my right eye vision has improved.

My back pain is no longer a daily issue, I would now rate it around a 4 out of 10 maybe once a week rather than daily.

I would highly recommend the Atlas treatment as it has undoubtedly changed my life for the better.

Thanks again for everything. 

Kind Regards 



Noticed the changes almost immediately


Thank you for what you have done for me as a result of reorientating my atlas in Christchurch during your last trip.

I was sore for more than a few days but noticed the changes almost immediately.  I have since then played a full round of golf and walked extensively with incredible results.  I no longer have any pain in either hip or my right knee that was beginning to play up.

My strength has returned and the dysplasia that I have, has reduced dramatically.  As a result, my flexibility has returned which is amazing.

I am really looking forward to 2017, thanks to your efforts.



I have saved myself 100's of dollars in medication

I was suffering from severe backpain (13 symptoms to be exact). A friend recommended Constantin Ioannou to me and told me about the AtlasProfilax.  I was very interested and booked an appointment.  It was the best decision I ever made! After having my Atlas re-aligned, I could instantly feel the difference.  My back for the 1st time in 25 years felt the way it should, in place!  Some of my symptoms included headaches monthly, pins and needles in both arms at night, stiff neck and shoulders constantly, sciatic pain down my legs, aching hip from bulging disc, hunched over when driving, not being able to drive for long periods, or exercise, standing for too long, sitting too long. Dizziness when bending over to tie my shoelaces. Back spasms 3 times leaving me unable to move for 2 days.  All of the symptoms and more have gone over the last 2 months.  I have my life back.  I have lost 10 kgs in weight and have boundless energy. I would highly recommend this treatment.  I have saved myself 100's of dollars in medication including krill oil for arthritic pain has now gone. I was taking 1000mg capsules daily.  Thank you Constantin.



My nine-year-old son has been freed from the aches and pains.

Dear Constantin,

I am writing to let you know that five months on from having had the AtlasProfilax treatment, my nine-year-old son (who was 8 at the time) has been freed from the aches and pains he once experienced on a daily basis. He no longer suffers from a sore stiff neck, regular headaches or an aching lower back and legs. For all of this I am truly grateful.
Though the Atlas treatment was painful for him, it was a comparatively brief discomfort in the context of his previous discomforts. He experienced immediately relief and was aware of feeling taller and more upright in his posture. The experience has ultimately been a very positive one with long lasting effect. I felt very reassured by your professional, thorough and caring approach from start to finish. I really appreciated being able to sit beside him and hold his hand for the duration of the treatment.

Following my son’s treatment my twelve-year-old daughter also had the AtlasProfilax treatment. She had not been experiencing aches and pains like my son and found the treatment to be quite intense but far less painful. She immediately noticed how tall she felt and that her posture had improved. She continues to blossom with a deep sense of connection and self.

Having personally experienced the Atlas treatment about two months prior to my children’s appointment helped me to feel I would be adequately equipped to both support and understand, to some extent, what they would be experiencing during the treatment.
I offer my deepest thanks to you Constantin, on both mine and my children's behalf, for we have all benefited from your skills in one form or another. I know I am a different person in so many ways!
Kind Regards, Jessica.


The journey has truly changed my life

My history:  I had suffered severe neck pain and migraine for at least 15 years.  A migraine would prevent me from daily living and simple functions.  My neck pain severity affected my quality of life.  I suffered movement restrictions and chronic pain which begun to affect my work and personal wellbeing.  Over these 15 years I have consulted Doctors, Bowen Therapy, Osteopaths, and Chiropractors which brought me to no relief.  A massage would relieve my pain for 24 hours until I returned to my daily work and routine. Treatments were always in aid of treating the symptoms rather than the cause. I suffered poor posture as slouching either when sitting or standing was my "comfort zone"...sleeping consisted of curling into a ball.  I was given a diagnosis of scoliosis and carpel tunnel which had increased intensely within the last 12 months.  My career is Hairdressing and I had battled with continuing my trade due to my daily chronic insecurity of carrying a poor posture and hunch in my upper back and my inability to fulfil my day.  Also, most recently my doctor had made a diagnosis of fibromyalgia.  Three months proceeding to seeing you I survived with consuming maximum daily doses of pain killers and anti-inflammatory...My physical body was worn and my emotional being was out of balance.  I was suffering depression.  Four weeks ago, I was referred to you by a work colleague who had already experienced the Atlas treatment.  I researched and believed I had to give this a go.

My Treatment:  Upon years of medical consultations all treatments were treated from my lower spine...whilst my pain was isolated in one the very top of my spine into the base of my scull and shoulder blades.  When I understood the Atlas treatment, I went to my appointment with faith that my target area was going to be treated...and so it is.  Constantin was thorough in my consultation and observed other physical ailments which no other practitioner had ever gone into the same depth with.  Constantin observed my posture...neck and back mobility...he acknowledged that my arms would not match in pelvis was tilted therefore my stance was out...My pain was so acute that at that point I could not manage the softest touch around my neck and I presented to my first appointment with a migraine...Yes I was a little nervous however the results and change I saw in my work colleague were convincing that I had to go.

The Atlas treatment was certainly a different experience...I will say most uncomfortable and at certain times painful.  Throughout the entire process Constantin was empathetic and coached me through my adjustment.  I was informed of all that I could possibly expect after the alignment and I compared to those possible symptoms that would appear for a short period of time compared to the long-term neck pain I had been carrying.  Upon completion of my treatment I had felt an INSTANT relief.  within a few minutes I began to move my neck and had extended the mobility side to side and was able to tilt my head as I had never had before.... INSTANT!...My migraine had eased and the fogginess I had carried within my head had begun to lift.  I gained color in my body temperature had balanced... my eyes where clear and I felt a weight was lifted.  Finally, the cause of my pain was treated and not the symptoms.

Post Treatment:  Constantin did prepare me for symptoms that may occur after the treatment and I managed to feel them all.  That night I slept beautifully...beginning the next day I felt symptoms which were flu like...muscular aches which affected muscles in my body I did not know existed...I felt tender to touch around my neck and I felt an energy low...Symptoms which do not sound appealing and continued for 10 days...I had felt like I was in a darkness however I am most thankful for that place as I have reached a greater lightness to my body and soul.  Whilst I felt those other physical ailments which were unpleasant, I gained more and more neck mobility as each day passed and only suffered one migraine in 10 days.  I was medication free for 9 days.  And so my life had changed...Two weeks later I begun the NeuroKinetics treatment. This treatment was extremely relaxing and therapeutic...and sent me into a relaxed depth that I had not reached before. Those four treatments including my atlas adjustment has been the greatest investment I have made for my own physical, and mental wellbeing.  I did go through a wave of symptoms after each treatment, quite intense feeling of muscle stiffness and possibly aggravated by my fibromalgia and emotional lows which would last 3 days.  Following each treatment, I saw a cycle of that exact feeling however the intensity would decrease daily and I only suffered one migraine after each treatment.   I gained so much more! I felt more connected to my body and thoughts as each day passed...My anxieties have decreased, and I have gained clarity in my thoughts.  Upon physical treatment I have felt my body change daily as my spine has had a major adjustment and realignment that has allowed my body to work to its full capability.  I have received many comments from people commenting on "how good I look"...I owe that to my treatments as I have gained mobility...better posture and a major decrease in my hunch. My arms have aligned to equal length and I have not suffered as major symptoms associated with carpel tunnel.  I know my body is working to its best capabilities as I am aware of the messages that my mind receives.  If I move into a bad posture I immediately react and straighten...My body now has a reaction and is performing the self-healing process that has been brought to me by this realignment...I now enjoy sleeping on my back, completely straight and I walk with greater posture and higher confidence.  Not only have I gained a Physical relief but also for myself I have gained a more Spiritual and Emotional awakening....

I will commit to massage monthly and a maintenance session of NeuroKinetics as I feel I need to.  If my experience is shared and can reach out to a person in need of help and give them one degree of hope...I know just how much more, they have to gain.... It just takes a little time, but the journey has truly changed my life.



My energy levels have improved

Dear Constantin,

Just a quick note to let you know that I am very pleased with the outcome of the AtlasProfilax alignment I had done in June.

There have been major improvements in different parts of my body and have just made my life easier as a result of having less pain.

Immediately after the treatment my jaw was realigned, and movement of my mouth felt more free.  My neck had a better range of motion and didn't feel like it was locked in a restricted position all the time. As a result, my sleep has improved so much because I used to struggle to find a comfortable position to fall asleep.

My shoulders and upper back feel as though a huge weight has been lifted, feeling lighter on my feet and improving my overall posture. Pain in my lower back and hip have improved immensely after seeing countless physio's and specialists over the past four years. My energy levels have improved, and I can now get through the day without the gradual build-up of pain which would be unbearable by bedtime.

As a result of all of these positive changes I am a much happier person!
Thank you so much!
Kind Regards,


I am feeling just great!

Dear Constantin,

I would like to thank you very much for your care and advice.

Considering how my whole immediate family has gone for your treatments, I would definitely recommend anyone to go for the Atlas and neurokinetic adjustment! After these treatments, I am more aligned and my posture is better. I notice I am sitting up straighter then before. I also had better peripheral vision immediately after the Atlas treatment.

Usually my old injuries would act up when there is a change in weather, but after the neurokinetic treatment, most of my old injuries have healed themselves and I am feeling just great!

A lot of practitioners practice for making money as a priority, but you are one that is very genuine and honest in your treatments and I am very grateful for that. I particularly remember the time when you helped me with my terrible stomach discomfort with your breathing exercise. I gradually felt a lot better after treatment with you.

I started treatment not knowing what to expect but I walked confident, happy and would not hesitate one bit to come back to see you for maintenance or future treatments. I am planning to come and see you for a massage soon once things at work start to quiet down :D

Merci beaucoup Constantin!!

Kind regards,



Pretty amazing

Dear Constantin,

It has now been a week since my last neurokinetic adjustment and I feel exceptionally well. 

I feel much more aligned. It started with the atlas adjustment, I noticed a positive change directly after, it was pretty amazing. My back felt instantly better, my vision sharper, my posture straighter. The pain from my neck, shoulders and back were also gone right after the atlas adjustment.

What is perhaps not to be understated after the atlas and neurokinetic adjustments, is how I also feel more balanced, if it's possible to say, emotionally, psychologically and light. I feel transformed in a very good way.  These adjustments have affected how I now choose to manage pressure, stress and people. I was happy before, but now I also feel like the quality of my life has improved significantly. 

Thank you for your advice, when asked for, discussion and care through your treatments, very sincerely rendered. 

Best regards, 



Posture was much improved

Dear Constantin,

Thank you for all your help with the atlas, Skeletal NeuroKinetics and SCENAR treatments.
I was recovering from lower back sciatica and my back immediately felt better after my
atlas was adjusted. My back is now completely recovered, and I believe the atlas adjustment
sped up the process tremendously! I noticed that my posture was much improved, and my jaw was realigned reducing the need for a mouth guard when sleeping as I clench my teeth when asleep, which causes pressure on my jaw and headaches. I did have some nausea as a side effect for a couple of days, but was not alarmed as you had explained the whole process and after effects very clearly. 

After a couple of weeks, I then got the Skeletal NeuroKinetics treatment which complements
the atlas adjustment, and this further aligned my body and posture. A few months down the
line I sometimes feel that my body sometimes would try to go back to old habits however,
I naturally feel the need to sit or stand straighter - I notice when I am slumping and would
adjust myself. I found the Skeletal NeuroKinetics quite a relaxing treatment, actually.
Finally, I also tried the SCENAR therapy and massage and found that this technology allows
deep tissue and muscles to relax without much pain, which is great!

Most of my immediate family members have had their atlas adjusted, and I would
recommend this treatment based on the good effects it has had on my family. Kind regards,


Nurturing healing method

Dear Constantin
Thank you so much for the Atlasprofilax treatment. Before the ten minutes non-invasive, non-manipulative procedure I had what could be described as shocking posture. When you made me stand against the door, prior to the treatment, my head was two fingers away from the door. My shoulders have always been stiff as well as falling forward. My neck appeared to sink into the shoulders and my head poked forward like a turtle. I always put this down to low self-esteem, lack of confidence, and introversion. While some of these reasons for this poor posture are true the reality was that my atlas was askew, and it leant to the right. My smile was always crooked going over to the right-hand side of my face. As soon as I had the procedure done my posture was excellent and my occiput rested against the door perfectly. You were rapt as was I. When I walked upright with my shoulders both relaxed and back, into the waiting room, my best friend who accompanied me to your clinic, instantly remarked on my smile saying it was in perfect symmetry with the rest of my face. This procedure has given me confidence, given that my stance is now upright, yet relaxed, and my smile is symmetrical.
I won't lie the procedure is intense even though it only lasted ten minutes. I appreciated your nurturance during the treatment. You were always making sure that I was alright during it and not in any pain. It helped me through it all. I also liked that prior to the treatment you made me watch a video outlining the benefits of Atlasprofilax. I went in knowing what to expect and I was not frightened as I was not ignorant, thanks to you. Once going into the treatment room, you armed me with further knowledge about Atlasprofilax. You asked about my medical history which highlights how thorough you are. You told me to look out for any Jarisch-Herxheimer reactions (read: healing crises) that may arise post procedurally. I have had some very minor feelings of adjustment following your treatment, such as mild pinching and tingling sensations in my back (both upper and lower), and left leg. On the day of the treatment for half an hour afterwards I felt tingling in my left eye and I had neck stiffness. I am currently experiencing no healing crises. Interestingly the day I went for the treatment my left shoulder was stiff and it immediately subsided post treatment. I liked the fact that you encouraged me to have a massage one or two weeks after Atlasprofilax as that helped shift a lot of emotional baggage. I also liked the fact that you gave me a free post atlas consultation two weeks later. This further highlights your thorough nurturing healing methods.
Thank you so much
Quite amazing

Dear Constantin
I am writing to you to make some comments on some of the observations I have made, both in myself and in some others that I have recommended to you and who have had their Atlas adjusted.
It is interesting, as the reactions and symptoms experienced have been varied.
In myself, I did not experience any great changes initially, except that some of the pains I had been carrying in my lower back and neck increased somewhat.
Not very extreme, but certainly some increase. I found relief from these pains with regular massage as suggested by you and from the additional work you did on me.
Now after 7 months I still have some of the old symptoms but they are less and my back, overall feels stronger and I have a good sense of wellbeing in myself.
I have also noticed that a stillness has become greater inside my mind and emotions, not that they were extreme before. Just more quiet, which is nice.
I look forward to continued improvement.
As for some friends that have been treated, their reactions vary.
One friend had constant lower back pain to the point where he could not sit in a normal chair for more than 5 minutes without real pain. This pain left him almost instantly. Quite amazing. He also had real problems with his balance, to the point that he could not bend over without falling forward. He was not able to sleep lying flat. If he did, the room would begin to spin, and he would get sick in the stomach. He had to be propped up on pillows to sleep. This condition left him immediately after his atlas was put in place.
One of the people this friend introduced to you for treatment was colour blind.
After his adjustment, he can see colours again.
These are just some of the reactions that I know about from ones that have been treated. It is all very impressive.
I need to thank you for the improvements in my own life and I will continue to recommend people to you. Thank You. !!
Yours sincerely

Joy of life and not the struggle

Dear Constantin

I came to see you for an AtlasProfilax adjustment.  I heard about this procedure through a friend all the way in Canada.  I had only just got to know Margrit but a chance conversation about my chronic pain related to Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis prompted Margrit to tell me about a treatment she had some 4 years prior.  I had been in chronic pain for close to 8 years now.

On her recommendation I decided to have this adjustment and then based on geographic logistics I chose to see you.

Only someone who suffers from these conditions truly understands how debilitating they are. Every part of me and my life suffered.  Every part of my body hurt.  I had daily pain at the tender points, worse around my neck and shoulders, at times excruciating.  Lower back and hip pain, bilateral feet and hand swelling and pain, tingling, digestive problems, headaches, overactive mind and worst of all the symptoms was the insomnia.  I had spent thousands of dollars on doctors, specialists, tests, investigations, x-rays, scans, blood tests, medication, vitamins supplements, complimentary medicine including chiropractic, osteopath, myotherapy, naturopathy, manipulation, massage etc.  I was pre-occupied with my illness rather than my life.  My enjoyment of life had diminished, and everything was an effort ... everything.  I had become very frightened about my future.

My session with you started with watching the video of the atlas and what would happen in the adjustment.  It made perfect sense to me!  You explained the procedure very thoroughly, took a history of my ailments and concerns and explained what would happen, how it could benefit and what is likely to happen.  What to expect and not to expect.  I was starting to feel optimistic and felt I was in good hands.  After the assessment, you applied the procedure which at worse just felt intense pressure.  It seemed too simple in some ways.  It was almost hard to believe that anything could change, but it was changing rapidly. 

You asked me to stand up and walk around and that’s when I noticed I was completely pain free.  I could not hold back tears.  It was the first time in close to 8 years that I was completely pain free, completely.

It has been closed to 3 months since then.  Although some discomfort has returned, it is nothing compared to what I had ... nothing.  Every day in every way, I am getting better and better.  My pain reduction is 65-70% down from what it was.  I average 7-hours of sleep each night without interruption. I even sleep in on weekends!  I wake up refreshed.  I have not had a headache in all that time. My digestion has improved.  My mind has calmed.  My mood has lifted, and my focus has shifted to the joy of life and not the struggle.

I can’t thank you enough Constantin, you have truly changed my life.  Bless you and thank you from my heart.

Sophia Alexandra


No longer suffer the debilitating headaches

I received an Atlasprofilax treatment from Constantin just one year ago.  I have waited a year to write a recommendation as I wanted time to evaluate the treatment's efficacy.  After one year, I have gratefully discovered that I no longer suffer the debilitating headaches that plagued my life for over fifteen years.  Before the treatment, I would suffer a headache daily, and the smallest things from typing on a computer to lifting heavy objects would bring on a terrible feeling of a nail being pounded into the back of my head. This pain would spread to my temples and forehead and nearly immobilize me.  As a painter and scholar, I was truly handicapped.  This treatment has given me back my life and I feel I can fulfil my highest destiny. I am extremely grateful to Constantin for his help.  I would also like to say that the treatment is extremely simple and pain free.  I highly recommend it for the symptoms that I have described.

Increase awareness!

I received the AtlasProfilax treatment from Constantin in January 2010.  It was for me a comfortable procedure that had a subtle yet deep effect on my awareness and experience of being in my body.  Instantly I felt more freedom through my neck area, and as I moved into the world in the hours after the treatment, I had the beautiful surprise of feeling greater ease in relating to others, more free and flowing.  Then in the evening I experienced that the world appeared to be "brighter" with more sparkle.  And the next morning as I awoke, I had the most amazing experience of entering my body, like putting on a comfortable shoe.  From my personal experience I recommend the AtlasProfilax treatment, in the least for a healthy neck and spine, and hopefully for the experience of increased awareness and quality of life.



A different and much happier person

Over 20 years ago Cervical Spinal Fusion was performed on C 5, 7 and 8. The remaining discs have been degenerating since then. During the last few years I have had headaches and pressure under the skull. Several times the pain became so severe that I was hospitalised and received injections under the skull (at a cost of $3000). This treatment provided relief for about nine months then it would be repeated.

I have to admit I was reluctant to have the AtlasProfilax correction. After this treatment I am a different and much happier person.  I wake up each morning without a headache. There is so much less pressure under the skull that I can carry out a conversation without pain. After having numerous operations, it may not be possible to remain pain free. If I continue as I am or improve even more, I am very happy. My body feels free.



Comfortable sleeping on my back

I now feel comfortable sleeping on my back with a flat pillow which I haven’t been able to do for 30 years. I feel lighter and unburdened. I have more flexibility in my neck. It really feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.



Feeling much better

My husband has been suffering with protrusion of the spinal discs. Since the Atlas correction he is feeling much better.



Migraines: they disappeared

A friend suffered from migraines for over 20 years. After the Atlas correction they disappeared. I decided to have the correction as well. I now have a lot less tension, more energy and more freedom of movement in my neck. My posture has straightened, and I walk with my spine erect. I have become 2 cm taller. Another friend who suffered with migraines had the Atlas correction. After the treatment they decreased and now, after three months, they have gone.



My legs were equal length

Straight after the Atlas correction I experienced much greater flexibility in my neck. The fear of injuring my neck, which I had for a long time after straining my neck on several occasion, has completely gone. The next day during my Yoga Chi Gung practice I experienced the greatest change; my legs were equal length. For my whole life one leg was always shorter. Now my posture has completely changed for the better and my spine feels freer, more flexible and lighter. For the last four years I also suffered tension on one side of my face and pain, at times incapacitating, in one of my teeth, which was a support for a bridge. This condition is now completely gone. I feel very, very grateful to have experienced these profound changes for the better.



I feel very grateful for having had this treatment.

Straight after the Atlas correction I was lifted into an elevated state of consciousness, as if some energetic blockage had been released from my neck. After resting for 15 minutes I noticed that my whole spine and back muscles felt completely new, as if they had been returned to their original design. Now my spine feels more energetic than physical, lighter, freer and longer. My head feels like it is floating on my neck, there is a cushioned feeling when I stand and walk, and I experience greater energy flow in Yoga Chi Gung practice. I feel very grateful for having had this treatment.



For me it has been revolutionary.

How amazing – over the last seven months the shape of my face has changed. At first the muscles either side of the jaw relaxed. After four months the bones of my skull shifted; slight bruising appeared on my forehead, new ridges formed across the top of my eyebrows. The overall symmetry of my face has improved; a lazy left eye now as active as the right one and a sinus and nostril bias slowly resolving. I have practiced the Alexander Technique and the Feldenkrais method for 15 years, which serve me well in observing the benefits of the atlas correction. As the months pass my neck is becoming a textbook Alexander neck, fuller, softer, with a connection between my head and body like a wide river instead of a narrow creek. I feel humbled and grateful for having had this ground-breaking procedure. For me it has been revolutionary.



The feeling of freedom is fantastic.

Hi Constantin,
Thank you for the Atlas adjustment you performed on both myself and my husband Rim.
I have recently been suffering Cluster Migraines which required hospitalisation and medication therapy, which gave very little relief. On discharge I was advised to seek treatment from a Chiropractor, which I did, this resulted in only momentary relief. I have since suffered several months of daily - constant headaches, stiff neck, ringing in my ears and blurred vision. My Chiropractor then suggested I wear a soft neck brace to try and gain some relief, which never came.
A friend then recommended an Atlas adjustment and gave me your pamphlets to read which is when I contacted you to make an appointment.
We drove the 3 ½ hours to get to you, thank you for making us feel at ease and explaining everything thoroughly.
As soon as my Atlas had been adjusted, the first thing I noticed was the clock on your wall ticking as the ringing in my ears had stopped !! And now, a week later, the daily headaches have stopped, I have only had one minor headache since being adjusted, the stiffness in my neck has almost gone and I no longer need the neck brace – YAY! The feeling of freedom is fantastic.
A week later and my hubby Rim had his Atlas adjusted yesterday, this morning he woke up refreshed and said it was the best night’s sleep he has had since his heart surgery 3 years ago.
Thank you Constantin, I will be spreading the word to whoever will listen.

Successful Conception

Hello Constantin
Thank you for checking our baby daughter's atlas this weekend in Petone. We were delighted to see you again and to share our joy with you. We attribute our successful conception and pregnancy to the atlas correction. Before we had the correction, we had experienced 5 years of fertility problems, 5 miscarriages, 2 rounds of IUI and 3 rounds of IVF treatment. There was no scientific explanation for our difficulties. I had the correction in March,
my husband had the correction in June and in July we conceived.
We hope you continue to come to Petone so that you can bring joy and
wellness to many people - the correction has changed our lives - we love it.
Many thanks
Donna, Craig and Penny

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