AtlasPROfilax & NeuroKinetics

Atlas Treatment and Massage Price list


AS OF 1 JULY 2021

AtlasPROfilax Wellness Massage (Adult) *


AtlasPROfilax Wellness Massage (Child 16 yo and under) *


Skeletal NeuroKinetics **


SCENAR (up to 30 Minutes)


SCENAR (up to 60 Minutes including 20 Minutes of Energy Blanket)


Massage - Neck and shoulders (30 Minutes)


Massage - Full Body (60 Minutes)


* One Off treatment Including Follow up session - PREVENTION AND CHILDREN The repositioning of the Atlas is a simple and safe procedure which produces lifelong advantages. Children can especially benefit from a treatment as a preventative measure, allowing them to grow up healthily and develop to their fullest potential. The treatment of children is particularly recommended because of both the ease of execution, resulting from the near-absence of muscular contractions, and the greater capacity for adaptation. ** Recommendation: Minimum 4 Sessions