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Scenar Expert Pro – Electro Energetic Interactivity

The theory of electro-energetic therapy is that our health relies on the continuous exchange of neuro information and energy within the body. Each and every function of the body is interrelated and works in harmony with other functions – that is until painful stress, injury or disease disrupts those communication and energy pathways. The Scenar Pro interacts with neural functions of the body through direct contact on the skin, tuning into the body’s inner nerve and energy responses, and understanding the body’s changing response to the interactive Scenar Pro’s impulse signals. The Scenar Pro responds to these responses with further electrical impulses that innervate and communicate with the nervous system, to stimulate the body’s own regulatory process, prompting the body to respond.

~ Scenar Expert Pro – Relieve Pain and Facilitate Function ~

The Scenar Pro is purposed to relieve pain and so facilitate functionality. The Scenar Pro is credited with reducing recovery times.

~ Scenar Expert Pro – Individualised Assessment and Treatment ~

In assessment mode, the Scenar Pro precisely locates and digitally monitors the patient’s keypoint areas with digital readouts. The treatment interaction is done automatically as the device is stationed on the problem points, and the Scenar Pro signifies the various levels of interaction, IR (Initial reaction)/Dose/Zero, which means each treatment is individually personalised, based on the particular responses generated at that keypoint site and time. The device is equipped with numerous settings and modes which, combined with the basic interactive function of the system, ensures the body is individually stimulated to prompt changes, and so the body does not easily adapt to the treatment, as it may be prone to with some other therapy. Responsiveness to Scenar Pro treatment and improvement is often apparent from the first treatment.

Energy Blanket

~ How Does it Work? ~

Based on original work by Wilhelm Reich, the Energy Blanket was developed to help to induce the body and mind to rest, recover and rejuvenate.

“Orgone” energy was the term coined by Reich referring to the subtle body energy that is part of our manifold being which is said to get depleted or disordered because of internal and external influences. The Energy Blanket works essentially by reflecting away external energies that may be influencing the body and also by reflecting back to itself the body’s own energies. The blanket is used for helping the body to energetically re-compose itself.

~ How Does it Feel? ~

The first thing one usually feels subjectively when being wrapped in the Energy Blanket is complete and pleasant protection. External influences are reduced or blocked and/or reflected away. Then one may become aware of subtle shifts as the Blanket reflects back the body’s own infrared and ultra-high frequencies.

One may feel a period of warmth focused in a part of the body, that usually passes within minutes. One also can experience a sense of inner peace and quiet that leads towards a state of repose something like a meditation.

It is recommended that you sleep within the Blanket and this may be from 10 minutes to a few hours. Usually, if the person sleeps completely covered from head to toe, one awakes with a definite sense of completion. Often a short period from 10 to 90 minutes accomplishes this result however very unwell people may wish to sleep in the Blanket for 24 hours or longer.

PLEASE NOTE: The Energy Blanket is NOT a listed ARTG therapeutic medical device. The Energy Blanket is not formally researched, and so no therapeutic claims are made for it.

SCENAR THERAPY by Atlas Treatment and Massage - a bit more explanation

Self Controlled Electro Neuro Adaptive Regulator

SCENAR is a hand held therapeutic medical device. Used in SCENAR

therapy treatments, the Scenar Device can uniquely and interactively locate, measure and prompt problem areas in the body (asymmetries) though the skin to HELP RELIEVE PAIN & RESTORE FUNCTION

How does SCENAR Therapy work ?

Your health relies on the continuous exchange of information within the body.

Each and every function is interrelated and works in harmony with other functions - until stress, injury or disease disrupts the communication. SCENAR communicates with all functions of the body through the skin, tuning the body's inner communication and understanding the body's needs from the signals being sent back and forth. SCENAR responds to these signals accordingly with gentle impulses that communicate with the nervous system to stimulate the body's healing process so your body can operate at maximum efficiency. 

The process used by the SCENAR is 'Reflex Biofeedback’; this is an ongoing conversation that proceeds at real-time and requires no conscious mental activity. 

The SCENAR sends a series of signals through the skin and measures the response. Each signal is only sent out when a change, in response to the previous signal, is recorded in the properties of the skin. All nerves in the body react to the stimulation and are responsible for the production of neuro peptides and other regulatory peptides.

The body can get accustomed to a stable pathological state, which may have been caused by injury, or disease. The SCENAR acts as a catalyst to produce regulatory peptides by stimulation of the body where necessary. It is the neuro peptides that in turn re-establish the body's natural physiological state and are responsible for the healing process. As these peptides last up to several hours, the healing process will continue long after the treatment is over. The large quantity of neuro peptides and C-fibres in the Central Nervous System can also result in the treatment on one area aiding with other chemical imbalances, correcting sleeplessness, appetite and even behavioural problems.

SCENAR Influence

The SCENAR treatment produces both local effects (i.e. stimulates skin and blood vessels) and a general influence, by affection neural and hormonal regulation systems.

The nervous system performs the principal function of a living organism - regulation, adaptation to the demands of the environment with the ultimate goal of survival.

The neural system consists of three principal parts:

The central nervous system includes the brain and spinal cord. The brain controls the heartbeat, breathing, temperature, blood pressure, movement, nutrition, interaction with the outside world by the senses etc. The upper parts of the brain are the seat of consciousness and memory defining the human personality.

The spinal cord is located in the spine and consists of 31 segments, each of those innervates organs and tissues at its own level as well as provides for communication between the brain and other spinal segments.

The peripheral nervous system links the brain (trough the spinal cord) with the skin, muscles and internal organs.

A special set of neural nodes located in the brain, spinal cord and by the sides of the spine is called the vegetative nervous system. It manages the functions of internal organs - those processes that are not under conscious control. Its sympathetic and parasympathetic sections provide stimulating or mitigating effects correspondingly.

The hormonal control system of an organism includes the internal secretion glands and specialized brain structures that release substances controlling the metabolism, influence the activity of certain tissues, organs or the body in general. Disorders in hormone secretion or in sensitivity of tissues and organs to hormones cause a number of diseases, as the biological feedback loop between the systems is interrupted.

The organism of any living creature constantly regulates the internal processes in accordance to own requirements and the environmental conditions. This process, fundamental for the survival, is called self-regulation.

For the purpose of self-regulation, a constant flow of information about the external and internal conditions must be delivered to the brain, and this is achieved by two methods - electricimpulses (neural) and chemical substances (humoral). Both methods of information delivery  are interlinked, but the leading part belongs to the faster electric path.

Information from the senses, the skin and internal organs is analyzed, processed and the brain centers issue commands to the corresponding organs and tissues to stimulate or mitigate their activity. These commands are executed by direct nervous control (as in muscles) or by releasing special chemical substances, called mediators.

The effect produced by this influence is assessed - incoming nerves report how the influence changed the state of the organism, so the influence can be stopped or continued as necessary. With this process of biofeedback the organism achieves a stable condition or shifts the equilibrium point for adapting to the environmental conditions - for example, activating muscles to produce more heat in cold weather.

At a finer level the same process applies to mobilizing the organism to resist disease, to heal injury or to cope with its effects.

The organism is an open-ended system, constantly interacting with the environment. Skin is the outside barrier and sensory organ that during the development of the embryo originates from the same cell layer as the nervous system and remains closely linked to it. The practice of influencing skin nerve endings in particular points to control processes in the organs and systems is called reflex therapy. Various traditional healing methods, like acupuncture, acupressure and moxibustion by millennia of observation and trial discovered a system of specifically active points that can influence internal organs, taking advantage of the unique relationship between skin and the internal workings of the entire body.

Later, as the electric nature of nervous processes was discovered, electric stimulation of the skin entered practice, and the latest step in this development is the SCENAR therapy. The active points on the skin are stimulated by electric impulses patterned after the natural discharges of the nervous system and adaptively controlled by feedback. This produces a unique effect, stimulating and optimizing the regulatory abilities of the nervous system for restoring health and protecting well-being.

The SCENAR is a hand-held therapeutic medical device (ARTG ID:140659, ARTG ID: 164651), listed for use to alleviate pain and facilitate functional restoration and improvement.