AtlasPROfilax & NeuroKinetics

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is AtlasPROfilax®?

Being given that the atlas is more or less malrotated  in every human being since birth, AtlasPROfilax® provides a massage technique to realign the first cervical vertebra (atlas) with a single application.

2. What is comprised by the treatment and how much time does it take? 

The application of the AtlasPROfilax® method takes two scheduled appointments.

1st appointment

  • Informative conversation
  • When indicated application of AtlasPROfilax® method

2nd appointment
for follow-up care.

3. Is the AtlasPROfilax® application dangerous?

The AtlasPROfilax® method works without any manipulation or direct contact to the vertebra. The application only works with the short muscles of the neck in order to let the atlas slide into its natural and stable position. Therefore, it is safe.

4. What are the costs for the treatment?

Costs for both appointments are:
$350 for adults and $300 for children 16 and under. The fees are dues on the day of the treatment.

5. Where do I find a certified AtlasPROfilax® practitioner, a so-called Atlasprof®?

Only Atlasprofs who are listed in the Official Directory of the international website or other national, regional or continental sites are working according to the ethics, rules and prerequisites set by the Atlas Academy Switzerland® and the International Association of Qualified Atlasprof®s (IAQA). Each Atlasprof has to undergo an annual Quality Control and committed himself/herself to work according to the regulations of the above mentioned institutions.

Quality of the application

The Atlasprofilax® method can and must only be practiced precisely and safely by an atlas specialist – a so-called Atlasprof® – educated at AtlasPROfilax Academy Switzerland®. Only those Atlasprof®s who are listed in the official directory on this website are authorised to do so and meet the quality standards of both International Association of Qualified Atlasprofs (IAQA) and AtlasPROfilax Academy Switzerland.

Please contact us, in case you have additional questions or need further information!